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Publications on Castor - Articles and presentations


Castor in the press …

IBM developerWorks (2003)

  • Elias Torres, Brian D Goodman and Kevin Gibbs explain in their article how to integrate Castor with Apache Axis to process Document Style Web Services.

  • Dennis Sonoski concludes its data-binding series on developerWorks by taking a look at the performance of the different data-binding frameworks.

  • Dennis Sonoski continues his series on the data binding approach by giving a global overview of 5 data binding frameworks including Castor and JAXB (

IBM developerWorks (2002)

  • Castor JDO lead Bruce Snyder gives an overview of Castor JDO and introduces the reader to the basics of working with the JDO framework. article

  • Enterprise Java expert Dennis Sosnoski introduces data binding and discusses what makes it so appealing. He illustrates the article using
    Castor. article


  • Castor Cures Your Data Binding Ills (, March 2003)

Thomas Hammell discusses both Castor XML and Castor JDO as he walks the reader through a real world XML and RDB data binding example.

David Colwell discusses the pros and cons of his experience with Castor JDO as well as some feeback about how he worked around some of its limitations.

  • O’Reilly ONJava (October 2002) article

Jeff Lowery provides an introduction to the Castor JDO framework.

  • O’Reilly (July 2002) article

Niel Bornstein drafts a introduction to the .Net Data-Binding framework and to Castor. This introduction compares both approaches.

Jacek Kruszelnicki discusses the pros and cons of Sun JDO and Castor JDO.

  • Javaworld (December 2001) article

Sam Brodkin shed light on the Data-binding world using JAXB and Castor XML.

  • O’Reilly (October 2001) article

Dion Almaer gives a good introduction to Castor XML.


Borland is using Castor among the XML features present in JBuilder 6. This book contains a chapter on data-binding using Castor inside JBuilder 6.

A chapter written by Keith Visco about Castor XML. Available for download.


Atlanta Java Software Symposium (November 2002)

Eitan Suez, of UptoData, Inc. - A great Castor evangelist in his own right, gave the following excellent presentation on Castor XML and JDO at the Atlanta Java Software Symposium, among other notable conferences.

XML One Amsterdam (September 2001)

Andrew Fawcett, of CODA - our main evangelist, gave a presentation on implementing XML data binding solutions using web-services with Castor at the XML One conference in Amsterdam, September 2001.

XML One London (March 2001)

Andrew Fawcett, of CODA, gave a presentation on XML data binding with Castor at the XML One conference in London, March 2001.

O’Reilly Java Conference (March 2000)

The first public presentation on Castor was done at the O’Reilly Java Conference in March 2000. It’s a little dated, but still serves as a decent overview of what Castor is all about.

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