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The Ant Task for the Castor schema generator

Describes how to use the Ant task for the Castor XML schema gnerator and what is currently supported.

Castor XML schema generator Ant task

An alternative to using the command line as shown in the previous section, the Castor XML schema generator Ant task can be used to call the XML schema generator for XML schema generation. The only requirement is that the castor-<version>-anttasks.jar must be on the CLASSPATH.


Please find below the complete list of parameters that can be set on the Castor XML schema generator.

Attributes Description Required
file The name of the XML file to use as input for XML schema generation. Yes
schemaFileName The name of the XML schema file to be generated; if not specified, a suffix ‘.xsd’ will be appended to the input file name. No
defaultGroupingAsAll To indicate that <xsd:all/> should be used as default grouping. No

Alternatively to specifying the file property, it is possible to work with a nested FileSet element or with the dir property.


Below is an example of how to use this task from within an Ant target definition named castor:schema:gen:

  <target name="castor:schema:gen" depends="init"
          description="Generate an XML schema from an XML document instance.">

    <taskdef name="schema-gen"
             classpathref="castor.class.path" />
    <mkdir dir="generated" />
    <schema-gen file="src/main/resources/input.xml"
                schemaFileName="target/generated/schema/input.xsd" />